Dominican Amber

What better way to pay homage to my Latin culture then by creating beautiful jewelry with one of Dominican Republic’s precious gems.


If you haven’t guess it, yeap I am of Dominican descent (Dominicana soy!).  Both of my parents are Dominican born and raised, I was born in New York and raised in South Florida. My Dominican culture is rich of traditions and customs. One being  natural resources such as Amber.

Dominican amber is amber from the Dominican Republic. Resin from the extinct tree Hymenaea protera is the source of Dominican amber and probably of most amber found in the tropics. Amber is a fossilized resin, not tree sap. Sap is the fluid that circulates through a plant’s vascular system, while resin is the semi-solid amorphous organic substance secreted in pockets and canals through epithelial cells of the plant. A sticky, viscous substance secreted by plants in order to protect them from pests and predators. Amber is has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty since Neolithic times. Much valued from antiquity to the present as a gemstone, amber is made into a variety of decorative objects.

Age, A study in the early 1990s returned a date up to 40 million years old. However, according to Poinar, Dominican amber dates from Oligocene to Miocene, thus about 25 million years old. The oldest, and hardest of this amber comes from the mountain region north of Santiago.

Insects, spiders, and even small lizard have been found, nearly perfectly preserved in amber. … Over the course of millions of years the tree along with countless others becomes a coal deposit and the sap with our fly inside is polymerized and hardened into amber.

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Dominican amber is connected to sun so considered for life, love and luck. It is warm to touch it can produce static electricity when it is rubbed hence called magical stone. Amber has many mystical properties, as they could bring good luck. Since, it is magnetic and sensual in nature.  You could use this type of stone to balance your mind. It help human to balance their emotional calming and centering. As it convert all the negative energy into positive energy. This gem stone help to release stress.

While visiting D.R. I picked up some Amber fossilized with plant life instead of insects to create some awesome jewelry!  The Amber provided exclusively by LRCjewelry come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  


I was also able to visit one of the most popular stores in Puerto Plata, D.R. that processes and sales Amber along with a few other none gems such as Larimar. I was able to watch one of the workers form a beautiful raw piece of Amber just for me!



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    Oh my! Your blog is just beautiful! Love your style! Kind regards,

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      Thank you very much!


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