10 Gemstones for People Born in February 

by Stella Olojola,

Every birthstone represents a special meaning to those born in that month. In the case of February babies, the known gemstone is the beautiful Amethyst. According to ancient Greek history, it is believed that the Amethyst gemstone will protect people from drunkenness as it represents stability and strength.

The Amethyst gemstone also depicts royalty and wealth as it is of a vibrant purple colour.

Aside from having a special meaning for those born in February they turn out to be alluring jewelry and ornaments. To keep up with the purple theme that comes with the February gemstone, here are 10 you can choose from.

  1. Kunzite


The Kunzite gemstone got its name from the jeweler George Fredrick Kunz. This gemstone comes in a beautiful lilac colour that is rather pale in comparison with other purple gemstones. It looks more or less like glass. The reason could be because Kunzite is actually a colourless mineral with a hint of manganese. The inclusion of a bit of manganese is what resulted to its colour.

2.  Purple Diamond

We are all too familiar with the white coloured diamond but interestingly the purple diamond is considered the rarest and the most valuable of diamonds. Aside from being beautiful and elegant, purple diamonds are also extremely durable and radiate an extraordinary brilliance.

3.  Iolite


If you’re looking for an affordable gemstone them this is the one. This gemstone is pretty unique. When positioned at a particular angle, it changes colour from blue, violet, and even yellow. Iolite can also change from pale to dark blue or violet and also from being translucent to transparent. Iolite’s interesting characteristics makes it an inexpensive candidate for statement jewelry.

4.  Purple Zircon

Zircon is commonly used as a substitute for diamond. Just like the diamond, Zircon also has its purple version. In fact it is just as excellent in brilliance and clarity. It makes a durable gemstone as its hardness guarantees the longevity of the stone.

5.  Charolite

Mined only in Siberia, Russia, Charolite is a rare gemstone that comes in lavender and deep purple. Unlike other gemstones, Charolite has a marble-like appearance with the white, black, orange and green streaks. As beautiful as it may sound, Charolite is not so hard so if used for jewelry it must come with a protective covering to prevent it from wearing off.

6.  TourmalineTourmaline.jpg

Looking for a warmer kind of purple for your gemstone collection? Tourmaline is your best bet as it tends to come in deep pink and warm purple thus making it an alluring piece in statement jewelry.

7.  Purple Sapphire

This kind of gemstone is pretty rare. The Purple Sapphire is often coloured with vanadium, iron or titanium. It has an excellent brilliance, hardness and durability. It’s no surprise why Purple Sapphire makes the perfect stone for an engagement ring.

8.  Tanzanite

Tanzanite is only found in Northern Tanzania. Although it’s not as hard as Sapphire, it’s still a gorgeous gemstone. It comes in blue or violet depending on the angle the light comes through.

9.  Spinel

Another pocket friendly gemstone is Spinel. It comes in different hues of purple, gray and red. It has a charming brilliance and a good hardness making it not only beautiful but also durable.

10.  Taaffeite


Taaffeite commonly comes in red but it also has its purple variants. Until Richard Taaffe discovered that Taaffeite is of a different mineral, Taaffeite was mistaken for Spinel. Taaffeite is considered to be one of the most valuable purple gemstones.


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