March Gemstone

Aquamarine Gemstone

The wearing of birthstones is thought to bring good luck and good health.

Aquamarine, the gem of the sea, is a valued gem for its varying shades. In the 1800s, the greener varieties of the stone were the most popular, but today, the more blue the color, the more valuable the stone.


Interesting Principle/belief: Aquamarine is a gem known for its mediation purposes. The stone is thought to quiet the mind while aiding with communication to higher powers. Some research suggests that aquamarine can be used to treat people for whom procrastination is a problem. The belief is that the procrastinator wearing the aquamarine gem has a better ability to think clearly and make quick decisions. It also provides inspiration and comfort in times of intense physical and emotional release, while supporting one through the process.

Maintenance/care: The best way to clean your aquamarine jewelry is with plain, warm soapy water (using mild liquid soap) and an old tooth brush. Once you have washed the stone, make sure you rinse it off well with plain water. Be careful to use warm water DSC02378.JPGinstead of hot water, to reduce the dangers of thermal shock. Enzyme cleaners and detergent should be avoided for they can cause allergic reactions. It is also not advisable to clean aquamarine in an ultrasonic tank. Avoid sudden temperature changes, steaming, and contact with cosmetics, hairspray, perfume or household chemicals.

Peace & Blessings

Rosa xo


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