Jewelry Styling Tips

I love having the option of wearing my jewelry however I feel most comfortable. Believe DSC01650.JPGit or not I was never much into wearing beaded jewelry until I started creating it and even then I wasn’t excited about it. In the past I would only wear beaded jewelry as a set very, matchy, matchy and only on special occasions… which at the time was common but now anything goes. We have options!


The bad part about knowing how to make jewelry is that it is hard to go the store to purchase jewelry when I can make it myself! What is sold in department store can be found almost anywhere and purchased by everyone.

Now the beautiful part of  designing my own jewelry is that once I acknowledged my passion for designing, my personality came through in my designs. I love the ability of designing, creating and then rocking it…priceless and can only be found here!! 

I love to layer and layer my jewelry that what make it fun to wear. This is the intent behind most of my DSC00253jewelry designs. I never discriminate…if i’m feeling it…i’m wearing it long or short.  LRCjewelry can be worn at any time at any occasion.  Pair it with your favorite jewelry or outfit and then rock it.

Unique jewelry adds to your style and style is what makes you unique!

Happy Styling



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