How To Pick The Perfect Piece Of Jewelry As A Gift.

by Stella Olojola,

Mother’s Day is right around the corner so gifts should never be arbitrary for that special mom or even for yourself. When you’re giving a gift to someone special whether they are friends or family members, your gift must be thoughtful. For as long as I can remember, jewelry makes the best kind of gift for several reasons. Aside from the intrinsic value of some jewelry, it is also a sign of value and respect to the person receiving it.  Although jewelry make great gifts, not everyone knows how to pick the perfect piece of jewelry as a gift.

 As always, I’ve got you covered. Here are 5 tips that you’ll find handy when choosing jewelry as a gift.

Tip #1: Observe what kind of jewelry she’s currently wearing

When shopping for a gift, you need to make sure it’s something the recipient would like. The easiest way to know this is by observing what kind of jewelry they like to wear.  We are good at leaving hints of the kind of things we like. All you need to do is pay attention. Does your friend wear large earrings? Is she the type who is into elegant and classy pieces? Your observation will guide you on what exactly to choose.

 Tip #2: Stick to a budget

 Stick to a budget when shopping for the right piece of jewelry. You don’t need to go for a very expensive piece if you cannot afford it. Stay within means and opt for what you can afford.   There are so many options available, so it pays to shop around for the perfect piece of jewelry, within your budget. LillyRoseCollections is an online jewelry shop for beautiful and affordable jewelry, so go have a look on the website for jewelry gift ideas.

Tip #3: Choose a suitable gemstone

The hints you get from Tip #1 will give you an idea of the kind of jewelry that person wears and you can get as a gift. The next thing is to choose a gemstone. Some people have preference for a certain gemstone like diamond or sapphire. But a great guide is the birthstone. The birth month of the person you’re gifting the jewelry to will determine the gemstone you get.

 Tip #4: Be careful about selecting the right kind of metal

Jewelry mainly comes in three kinds: platinum, silver and gold. All three make great jewelry however some people may be allergic to one of the metals. So, check to make sure before buying.

Tip #5: Get the measurements correct

This is a step that I know many people miss. Gifts like rings and necklaces come in certain sizes. For the piece of jewelry to be the perfect gift, you need to make sure that you get the size right.  Trying to get the size of that person’s finger will be very tricky. However, there are clever ways of going about it. You may ask help from that person’s sibling or parent. Another way is to casually ask without dropping any hint of your intention to give it as a gift. Necklaces are a little easier to figure out. If she wears long necklaces then you know that that is the ideal length for her. The same goes for shorter necklaces as well.

Gift Cards also come in handy when you simply don’t know what to get..


Happy Shopping, Rosa xo



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